Alabama wildfire review

Alabama wildfire

This is one of my favourite smokes, not only does this smell like beautiful cherries, it is a very potent mixture. the first thing you realize when you open the packet, is the smell, goodness, it smells lovely! once opened, i decided to test the product and went ahead with a hit and sat back. the high came almost immediately and as usual, a very stoning effect followed. my whole body just sank into the chair and this type of herbal takes you for a walk mentally, before you know it you have been day dreaming for ages..the taste was exotic, the high was amazing and the timing is the usual 45 mins then lingers on a for quite a while. I would also urge an upgrade of the ratings to this product, which i rate 9 out of ten for its potency. The taste was also smooth, nothing bad or over the top taste, jut smooth and lovely. Another great product for the price from the EH team!

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    This had me twisted like a pretzel…Fire is def the word for it low price lil baggie with big effects copped my sack from


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