Funky green stuff incense review

funky green stuff

The long awaited Funky Green Stuff has arrived! Everything is green! The blend appears coated, sprayed, dipped green. Upon opening there is a definite wonderful smell. . This Green Stuff definitely appears to be a different blend. There aren’t as many long stems but there are some short. Funky Green Stuff is just faster than other blends I have tasted before. It burns faster, and burns out faster. So there’s your balance. Personally, I think they are the best, most reliable mix available.


  1. Doubleggrow

    Could I sample I’m interested in a bulk order but want to know quality


    ehhh! not impressed at all I am in the usa and got it from siproductsinc .. feree ship big deal I paid $25 for this and yeah it was greener dyed green but aren’t most herbs green anyway !lmao
    no potency hardly at all my throat hurt the bnext day bc I had blow the whole bag to even get the slightest head ache I don’t recommend this siproductinc or this blend its not complete trash but should really only cost like $10 bc it weak like thnx guru for allowing my peace to be heard


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