MXIPR review

I took a bump right before going to sleep (at five in the morning), and actually fell
asleep almost immediately after, waking up an hour later in the midst of a very odd high.
Would not recommend.
Anyway, I wake up and am immediately feeling very high energy while also very
locked in. It was genuinely going from asleep to awake in an instant, and then I just lay
there, so so awake but with no idea and no desire to really do anything.
I start running through my plans for the day in my head over and over, and I think
about half an hour or so into doing that I realize that not only is this pointless, but that
the idea of it has almost entirely degraded into nonsense. My mind at this point is going
a hundred miles a minute, and I’m imagining myself rocking back and forth even though
physically I’m still just lying in bed staring at the ceiling.
Eventually, I start to grow a bit bored, but genuinely can’t think of anything else to
do. I manage to get to my feet and go downstairs to sit on the couch. I even manage to
turn a show on, but find myself entirely uninterested in watching it almost immediately. It
feels like I’m babysitting a very grumpy and impatient child, but the child is me and I
can’t just go into another room for a break.
Eventually I settle on turning on some music, and I sit there for a long while
listening to it. It’s very calming. My mother stops by to drop something off, which rips me
very violently out of my zen headspace and forces me to pretend to be sober, which I
don’t think I manage to pull off very well. She asks me if I’m okay, which makes me a
little upset because it means I’m not doing a very good job.
After she leaves, I sit back down on the couch and turn on the music again. At
this point I’m feeling very heavy, like I’m sinking into the couch, but it’s not at all
unpleasant. In fact, I’d say I’m enjoying it a lot. I start unraveling thoughts in my head,
memories or something, starting from birth and going through my entire life up until the
present moment. I do this a few times; it feels like hours but I assume I wasn’t actually
that thorough.
When the high starts to fade I switch from music back to a tv show, something
random I click on, probably the first thing Netflix suggests to me. I don’t even notice
coming back to baseline, something about coming down has allowed me to fully focus
on the show and I’m not really paying attention to anything else anymore. Overall, an
experience for sure, though I’m not sure if I liked it enough to want to do it again. I think
being bored was the worst part; the boredom made me upset, and being upset just
made me more upset and ruined the high a little bit. Would probably also schedule my
mother for a different day, she insists I told her she could come by but I’m fairly certain
that I did no such thing.

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