joker 10g

Joker 10g review

This particular brand,  Joker , was absolutely awesome, super potent and resembled the real thing right down to detail. Upon opening the sack, the 10g bag looked as if there was a lot more inside, which is fantastic. Upon opening the pack, i went ahead for the testing. the smell was similar to a  spicy smell, very mild and the taste was also neutral, although they maybe a back taste once the smoke was blown out. This is a very, very strong product from expresshighs and i urge much caution, for veteran users must be cautious as these new products from EH are very potent. The high kicked in almost instantly and my head literally was swaying side to side, under no circumstances must this be used in public and i urge to sit down because its very heavy on the head. 45 mins later, the high came down but by no means was totally gone, there were still affects afterwards but very enjoyable at the same time. I highly recommend that any user who is a regular to try this product, you’ll simply be blasted away by its potency, its something i will be purchasing in the future without any doubt at all. Try and dare, it really is that powerful. Great price and quality as always from the gang at EH.


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  1. El Chivanero

    This review is very accurate. My homies and I stay spiced out. IMO, Joker is the 2nd strongest, 2nd only to Geek’d Out, which is almost too potent- last week my homie had a run in with the Boys after only a few hits of Geek’d bc he was falling out-said “I’m gonna die”, reached for the cop to steady himself, who then overreacted. Scooby, joker, geekd, all are stronger than kush. And if you’re used to smoking spice on a yard and comparing it to that shit, forget about it. Hits instantly and will fuck you off. We’re always referring to the high as being stuck in another “universe”. Scooby is more moderate, less trippy, more like kush. Joker will have you fallin out, whether you’re kicked back, standing up, whatever, so know your limit. Also, seems to cause a rough smokers wheeze if you fuck with it daily. But worth every penny, great high. Enjoy.

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