3-HO-PCE review

I’ve done this one before a couple times, but tried a little bit of a lower dose this
time because the last time the sedation effects had been absolutely obnoxious. Like, to
the point where I got annoyed that I didn’t feel like moving, because it felt like I had
things to do that weren’t getting done.
Anyway, it hit about 30 minutes after I initially insufflated it. There was a very slow
come up, with some initial euphoria that very quickly gave way to a full-body sedation as
I’ve come to expect.
I began to get lost in my mind very quickly after that, maybe an hour or so past
initial dosing and I was floating around inside my head sorting all the thoughts and
stacking them like a giant jenga tower. I think everything took shape instead of
substance, like I knew the outlines of the things I was thinking but not anything actually
filled in. It was a fun, though also a bit off-putting experience, that.
The sedation then got more and more aggressive, and I started to lose even the
shapes of the thoughts. I was just sitting there, completely trapped but in a way I was
okay with, like I’d climbed into my own stone prison and asked the jailer to toss the keys
away. I welcomed the vacation of it, I spend too much of my time thinking.
After three or so hours all that gave way to a dull ache of sensation in my
extremities, which eventually allowed me to start moving and thinking again. It felt like
my mind was stretching itself out, like that nice morning stretch that gets the cricks out
and helps you wake up after a nap. I started wanting to do things. I was pretty much
back to baseline a few hours after that, save for a very nice comforting tiredness that
allowed me to fall asleep very easily.
As far as highs go, I must say that this one was probably one of the more
pleasant ones, like a little vacation from existence that I appreciated.

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