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  • 2F-Ketamine Review
    2F-ketamine is a synthetic substance derived from ketamine, which is commonly used medically and recreationally as an anesthetic. 2F-ketamine, however, is primarily used as a recreational research chemical and does not currently hold approval for applications in medicine. This article contains a 2-FDCK research chemical review and gives an overview of general information, history, dosage…
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  • 2-Methylmethcathinone Research Chemical Review (2-MMC)
    2-Methylmethcathinone (also known as 2-MMC) is a synthetic substance derived from cathinone, which comes from the khat shrub in Africa. Though it’s a cathinone, the effects are said to be like that of an amphetamine. Users may recreationally self-administer 2-methylmethcathinone to induce legal highs.  Keep reading for a complete research chemical review of 2-MMC, including…
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  • 2C-C Experience
    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this experience. I’ve tried other 2C drugs before, but my friends who I was with were a lot more experienced than me, and they all had wily different experiences to each one. They said snorting it might be a bit much for me, so they suggested taking it…
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  • Wasted – Legal high review
    A very strong and a very potent blend, this stuff should be taken with caution! Upon opening, it has a mild spice taste to it, the taste being somewhat pleasant  and neutral. After just a few tokes you can feel this bang straight to the head, it’s a heavy buzz so I would recommend indoors…
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  • Rockstar Ice Blast 7ml C-Liquid review
    Received this bottle of Rockstar Ice Blast C-Liquid and the usual 7 ml size. I have a normal pen vape, so this review will be from a basic, standard point of view. Filled up, this vape is pretty thick, so you get a good amount without wasting too much. Took my first few blasts, the…
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