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  • HXE Experience
    This drug is a very powerful dissociative, as I would learn very quickly. As abeginner, I took 50mg by snorting them, which was incredibly unpleasant, probably oneof the harder ones to take for sure.I enjoy dissociatives generally, it’s nice to check out for a while and allow myselfto float, but this one really gripped me…
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  • 1P-LSD experience trip report
    Captivated by the possibilities of new perspectives and personal introspection, I decided to conduct an experiment with 1P-LSD, a research chemical possessing psychedelic nature. This is my story of the trip where rather than achievements, I focused on the process, the techniques and my findings. Prior to proceeding with the study, I meticulously researched 1P-LSD,…
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  • A-PiHP Experience trip report
    I tried A-PiHP for the first time with my best friend (at the time). I’d already tried afew other stimulants, and she had suggested it to me as something fun we could do onthe weekend or something. I didn’t have anything planned, so I agreed.I don’t actually know how she got it, but it know…
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  • 2-FMA experience trip report
    Curious about the rumored cognitive enhancements of 2-FMA, I decide to go on an exploration to discover how it affects me and what consequences it may have. Recount of my journey is more like process, practices, and findings rather than achievements is the journey as follows. Before starting the experiment with 2-FMA, I researched about…
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  • 4-ACO-DET Review
    I took 30mg with a few friends before we went to go see a movie together. I’m notentirely sure why we chose that as being the correct time to do this, but it seemed rightin the moment, and would end up actually being a very pleasant experience, at least forme.I’ve done a few psychedelics before,…
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