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  • 2C-D trip report
    I don’t think I was expecting very much from this, I’d heard it wasn’t very strongjust based on stuff I’d read, but I’m always happy to try something new so when theopportunity presented itself to try some I took it.I would first like to state that everyone who said it didn’t feel like much either…
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  • NEP experience trip report
    Prior to the experiment start, I thoroughly examined the chemical analysis of NEP that would allow me to understand how it works and the dosage recommendations. Safety was priority number one and surely uncompromising factor, so I assured that the experiments were run accurately and under a controlled environment. Carefully breeding my nerves, into a…
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  • LSZ experience trip report
    I decided to take LSZ because my brother had tried it a little while before, andhe’d had a pretty nice experience. I took one blotter, I can’t remember the specificamount but it was how much he told me he took, and I was basically trying to copy him.I think that was where I went wrong…
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  • 6-APB experience trip report
    My 6-APB experiment started with anticipation for the supposed effects and the possible insights it would give to me. I am full of vigilance and a well-thought-out strategy, so I felt that I am ready to commence the journey. Generally, the work breakdown structure or at least the major deliverables are clearly defined in strategic…
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  • MDPHP experience trip report
    Took 20mg a few hours ago. I got it off a friend maybe two weeks ago, buthaven’t felt the urge to actually take any because I’ve been busy with work. Prettyexperienced with other stimulants, but had never actually gotten around to trying thisone, so when he offered I figured I might as well take the…
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