4-ACO-DET Review

I took 30mg with a few friends before we went to go see a movie together. I’m not
entirely sure why we chose that as being the correct time to do this, but it seemed right
in the moment, and would end up actually being a very pleasant experience, at least for
I’ve done a few psychedelics before, and some of my friends are more
experienced than me, but we also had a few people in our group who were very
inexperienced and had no idea what to expect. A couple of them were very nervous, so
we sat down and basically coached them on how to react and what to do once they
started feeling the come-up. It was basically just like, relax, trust that everything will be
okay and that it will end, we are here if you need us, etc. It seemed to go well, they were
less nervous about it afterward and we all took turns taking doses, with the less
experienced friends taking 20mg and the rest of us taking 30 like I said. It was in
powder form, and we mixed it into some water.
We hung around and packed a few snacks and drinks, and then walked to the
movie theater. I started feeling it when we were in line to buy tickets, like a very pleasant
heavy sensation in my body. A few of my friends said they were also starting to feel it.
We went and sat down, and one of my beginner friends started to act very nervous, so I
sat next to him and let him grip my hand. When he took it I could feel the touch of his
skin radiating out over my arm, which startled me a little but in a very subdued way, I
think the high was keeping me very very calm and at peace.
Everyone else was very focused on the movie, and at first I was too, but I don’t
remember anything about it, or even what movie we were watching (I knew in the
beginning when we were buying tickets obviously, but since the movie itself is lost to me now and it’s been a few years since this happened, it seems that specific detail was something my mind didn’t see fit to remember).
My friend started freaking out a little more, probably an hour or so into the movie,
so while everyone else was watching I took him outside into the hallway so we could sit
somewhere quieter. He said the sounds from the movie were overwhelming him. We sat
in silence for a little, he didn’t want to talk and I was drifting comfortably in my own world
so I was honestly okay with that. He said that his mind kept looping, like he was thinking
the same thoughts over and over, and I told him that even if it was a loop, it would end
soon anyway. I think saying that actually freaked him out more, like an
acknowledgement that he was stuck in a loop, but in my defense I was very very high
and it seemed like a helpful statement at the time. If it had been me, that would have
made me feel better. Anyway, he kept sitting there silently with his head in his hands,
and I sat next to him and drifted around in my own head. I was seeing a lot of cool swirls
on the walls, and I think I may have had an epiphany at some point, but I don’t
remember what it was anymore. Maybe something about how malleable life is.
Because my friend was still really freaking out, and at this point I was beginning
to come down from peaking a little bit, I decided to go in and get everyone else to leave
so that he could lie down at home. It took a little convincing because everyone was
having a really great time, and in hindsight a lot of my friends, especially the more
experienced ones, are kind of assholes. Anyway, I managed to drag everyone out of the
theater and we walked home, with my friend who was having a bad time leaning on us.
The other beginner friend who had been nervous had been doing okay, but I think
seeing him freak out scared her a little too, so when we got back she locked herself in
the bathroom for like thirty minutes or something while I made sure panicking guy was
all laid out on the couch with a blanket and a water bottle.
Everyone else sat in the living room on the floor in a circle, and we sat there for a
long time, chatting. A few of us were feeling pretty high energy and were very chatty, but
I was honestly more happy to just sit and look around and bask in the very nice
euphoric feeling.
Eventually, a few people decided to head home. We were all still pretty high, I
think this was probably about five or six hours in at this point, so once they were gone I
just sat on the couch with everyone who was left and we kept chatting. The guy who
had been freaking out was beginning to come down a little, and was calming down, and
I offered him a benzo if he wanted to take a nap, which he accepted. He seemed
exhausted from the whole ordeal, which I felt pretty bad about, even though it really
wasn’t my fault.
Eventually, once he had fallen asleep and the high was really starting to
dissipate, I sent everyone else home, took some benzos, and went to bed too. All in all,
good trip for most of us. Everyone reported a similar feeling of euphoria and calm
heaviness, except for freaking out guy, who said that he worked himself into a panic almost as soon as he started feeling effects. Drug use isn’t for everyone, I guess. He
said he’ll be sticking with just weed from now on. Personally, I’d be happy to give this
one another go

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