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7 Dangerous Drugs of the Modern World

Of all the substances around, what can be the most dangerous? We’ve researched and consulted some sources, and below are we’ve come up with.

There are numerous researches and studies confirming that the use of certain drugs have extreme dangerous effects on individuals, especially in terms of adverse health and mental effects, not mentioning severe withdrawal symptoms associated with drug use. So what are the top dangerous drugs of this modern world?

  1. Heroin: Dubbed as the “Queen of All Drugs,” it is considered as the most dangerous drugs; in fact, it makes the brain release about 100 times more of dopamine as compared to what is released during an orgasm.

  2. Methamphetamine: Also called crystal meth, this drug is said to be more addictive than heroin is. It acts as a stimulant, suppressing one’s appetite and causing dizziness, restlessness, ADHD and visual impairment.

  3. Cocaine: A very dangerous drug known as a slow killer all over the world, it can influence several neurotransmitters in the brain, making it damaging its functions and is banned in many countries due to deaths it brings every year.

  4. Opiates: Known by a few street names, including Darvocet, Ddarvon, China White and Codeine, opiates, being one is heroin (the more concentrated version of morphine), is another dangerous drug type that is very addictive while at the same time causing severe withdrawal symptoms.

  5. Bath salts: They work like methamphetamine and ecstasy and commonly referred to as designer drugs. While they’re marketed as ‘bath salts, plant food or herbal incense,’ they contain psychoactive chemicals and hallucinogenic substances, too.

  6. Benzodiazepines: Categorized to be psychoactive in nature and as treatment for depression, this drug is dangerous when used in excess, causing severe dependency, depression and slurred speech.

  7. Ketamine: Causing paranoia (at extreme high doses) and hallucinations, ketamine that is considered highly addictive and one of the most abused illicit drugs also causes several effects on the body, such as auditory and visual hallucinations, blood pressure issues and anesthesia.

There you have our list of the most dangerous drugs in the world right now, but we’re open to suggestions. Feel free writing your very own list below or letting us know of any dangerous drugs you think should be part of the above.

What do you think is the most dangerous drug ever introduced in human history? We want to hear what you have to say by writing your comment below.

2 Responses

  1. g spliff

    I disagree with this list. The most dangerous drugs are probably Fentanyl and its derivatives, Cathinones (bath salts), some “Spice” synthetic cannabinoids, some of the fluorinated amphetamines and designer benzos, especially those one can attain a GRAM of easily online when an active dose is .5mg. However, etizolam, for example, if used responsibly in pharmaceutical pill form (1mg/ea) is a great medication and less addictive or dependence forming than usual benzos while being equally effective. But shit I would not touch some of the ones I mentioned earlier, or if I did, I would be so so careful. My dumb ass, if offered, would probably say great let’s go, despite knowing how fucked up they are. Be smart (er).

  2. g splff

    I just wrote a damn comment, this is the last try, bullshi. Maybe it was the swearing so I’ll chill on that. When it comes to dangerous drugs, the cathinone derivatives, gram for $100 RC benzos, some of the fluronated amphetamines, fentantly analogues and a lot of other LEGAL, completely legal, drugs are as bad as it gets.

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