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big bang incense review

Well, this has been a rough year for the herbal incense industry. Lots of new bans and laws are to navigate. Despite all of this, there are still a few brands kicking around, and some are still quite impressive. This time I thought I would take a chance with a brand I have always had good experiences with. I stopped by Big Bang Incense to see what they have to offer. With all of the changes and comings and goings this year, I was excited to see them back and in business again.

The ordering process was as smooth as it used to be, and the shipping was excellent. It took 3 business days from order to delivery, which is what they indicate. Big Bang comes in a 3 gram gray container, and is quality priced at £20. This means this blend falls exactly into my personal ‘sweet spot’ of about £7/gram.

I opened the envelope and greeted by a deep gray bag saying Big Bang in deep red colour on yellow and black background. I find my incense burner and settle in to see what aromas are about to be released. Upon opening the container I find a nicely blended mix of herbs. There are only 3-4 sticks in the entire 3 gram bag. I know that there are some vendors out there who would be GREEN with envy to see how little garbage was pulled out of this blend before burning was an option. In fact, I think I could have burned easily without any cleaning, which in this day and age is a very pleasant surprise.
Upon opening the can, I find that the blend has a mild, indistinct scent. It is a pleasant smell. Keeping in mind that it has been a bit since incense has graced my house; I take a small pinch and put it in my burner. . I light the burner and sit back to see what this blend has to deliver. After lighting, I am surprised and saddened to find that the aroma given off is not a pleasant scent, but instead a bland, almost unpleasant smell.

However, as long as the aromatics are effervescent enough I can learn to get used to this unique burning smell. As the aromas start to waft around the house I feel a very mild titillation. I wait 5-10 minutes to see how things go. After this time I decide that I should light a little more to get the aromas moving around and into other parts of the house. I repeat this process about 4 times before deciding that I don’t think burning any more will increase the potency of the aromatics. This is disappointing to me, as the relaxing properties never quite materialize. I have to say that I am disappointed in this blend. The subtle effects may be good for an incense enthusiast who only occasionally has time to burn, but for a more regular user like myself I find the effects to be much too mild. Combine that with the less than stellar smell when burnt and I find myself putting this blend on the “pass” list.

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