blue cheese incense

blue cheese incense review

So I was recently sent a very good incense named Blue Cheese. After hearing good things from other people, and online, I can honestly say I was not surprised to find this to be a very good product. The bag is plastic with blue color. The artwork displays a smile on the front. The scent was kind of a cheesy, light strawberry type scent that was pleasing to the nose, and easy on the lungs. Expect big clouds of smoke to bellow from this one when lit, and expect good effects to follow. It doesn’t take much to get you where you need to be at all, even for an old seasoned burner like myself. The effects wind down at around the 35-45 minute mark but stick around for awhile after that promoting relaxation and a little sleepiness. Not a bad product at all in my opinion, I’m kind of kicking myself for overlooking this product for so long. This would make a nice add to any stores or e-shelves, and with prices is not a bad deal. This is a good one for just about any occasion, but really good for the occasion of having a light pocket. I have to give this an overall value of 10.

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