Bomb Marley

Bomb Marley

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bomb marley herbal incense

Wow. Until this moment I cannot forget just how powerful the first taste of Bomb Marley was, just how much it really rocked my socks off. It seems like this is what the creators of this blend had up their sleeve the whole time, patiently perfecting the formula behind closed curtains. The artwork is pretty good, a true artistic manifestation of its potentially overwhelming, exceptional potency of its contents.

Burning just a little of this deliciously natural scented delight can shoot a thunderbolt down your spine, megawatts of electricity propelling one into a state of blissful shock. This lofty praise does come with a legitimate caution though–casual incense users, beware of burning more than a pinch. The magic that makes it shine can also send those in the incense room into a panic state if one is not prepared for its power.

As fast as the electricity shocks the system, the power surge will diminish no longer than 30 minutes after burning. Its brevity is more detectable considering how quickly it thrusts you in and how quickly the ride halts. This can count as an advantage for those who only wish for a brief, intense ride.




Bomb Marley from Express Highs is only £11 !


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