2C-C Experience

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this experience. I’ve tried other 2C drugs before, but my friends who I was with were a lot more experienced than me, and they all had wily different experiences to each one. They said snorting it might be a bit much for me, so they suggested taking it orally. Problem is, I don’t even like pixie sticks. So we got some white bread, which I then folded with the 40mg of powder inside and I swallowed it with only a little chewing. My friends made fun of me and said I was like a dog they needed to trick into taking his medication. It was a little rough going down my esophagus. It could have been because I didn’t chew enough, but I started to worry we used too much powder. It feels a bit thicker than similar powders I’ve had, less light and grainier. My friends told me it was fine.

I can feel the high coming on. It is like a sort of weight on my body, a heaviness. My fingers, toes, and nose all feel tingly. It’s as if everything around me looks very intense, like I’m picking up every detail at once. Suddenly worry that I’m about to puke. One of my friends coaches me through it, encouraging me to breathe deep, in and out. The nausea passes.

Parts of the room begin to appear as if they’re melting. Walls and furniture shapeshift into vibrant fractal patterns and kaleidoscope visions, swirling and mixing into each other before separating into new visions. It reminds me of when I was a kid and would get bored at school assemblies, and I would shut my eyes really tight until I could see colors and lights. I attempt to find meaning in these things, the way someone else might look at a cloud and try to discern what they look like. As I try to focus on one thing or another, my brain fixates on anything and everything around me which can be viewed as messy. I begin tidying up the room around us, rearranging furniture until it looks proper to my intoxicated mind. At some point I attempt to do the dishes which are currently in the sink, but someone stops me after I almost break a glass.

After a couple of hours, I am in what I perceive to be the peak of the high. I don’t feel my extremities, not because they are numb, but because I am not thinking about the fact that I can feel them. The colors and shapes that I’m seeing wrap around my body and caress my face. For a few minutes I believe I’ve fallen in love with an oblong sphere that’s a shade of violet.

About 6 hours in I can feel the drugs start to wear off now. As the colors go, they leave behind a headache for me, although it isn’t too severe. I’m content to just sit, but I’m shocked when I see a few of my friends have left at some point. I hadn’t had anything to eat since the bread. The least high one of us offers to make some toast, which earns a resounding applause.


After getting a good night’s sleep, I was surprised when I woke up with no hangover. Usually my body has some kind of negative reaction the day after, but the worst I could say I felt was that maybe I didn’t get as much rest as I’d have liked, although that wasn’t a unique experience for me. I would describe the effect of 2C-C as having a higher potency than other powders of its kind, but it produced a shorter duration than I was expecting. Would be curious to try it again with higher or lower dosages.

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