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Rockstar Ice Blast 7ml C-Liquid review

Received this bottle of Rockstar Ice Blast C-Liquid and the usual 7 ml size. I have a normal pen vape, so this review will be from a basic, standard point of view. Filled up, this vape is pretty thick, so you get a good amount without wasting too much. Took my first few blasts, the ice menthol can be felt at the end of the toke and is very nice! It’s gives you a mint hit which is very good, but now for its effects. This stuff is strong!!! No doubt about it, just a few seconds after few tokes, it comes on heavy and it’s the one that sways in your head when you look about. The fee tokes I had kept me heavy for a good 20 mins, that’s just a few drags! A better vape pen and I’m sure this thing will floor you out, I can safely say this has to be the strongest vape hands down, to the ones I’ve had in the past. I fully guarantee this will blow your head off, a brilliant substitution for the herbal incense. Infact, a few blasts off this and a toke on some incensed and you’ll be in the clouds for ages. Fully recommend, a C-liquid you just have to try, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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