Budfactory strawberry ting review

Budfactory strawberry ting review

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I admit it, I’m a sucker for fruit scents, so when I decided it was time to try out flavored incense, I went as crazy as I dared- and got the Budfactory Strawberry Ting. Nice short bag this will be my new travel incense bag when I need to employ aromatherapy on the go. Looks professional!

Ok, upon unzipping the top, the smell is faintly strawberry, but not overpowering- nice! Herb is nice consistency, no stems or sticks. I like a blend that slightly holds its shape when you pinch it, and this does it nicely, without being sticky or damp.

My burner has a small compartment, so I loaded it up but only lit it small the first time, just to see how the effects would be. More of a body effect right now, with a clear headedness that I like in blends. 5 minutes later, another lighting. Made me cough this time, but not harsh at all. Some blends make you want to hack up your lungs and burns the whole time, not so with this. Now there is a more definite feeling in the head, feels like a nice relaxing blend. I do not recommend driving or potentially dangerous situations, this feels like a good ol’ herb to me, and I likes it 😀



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