dead man walking herbal incense

Dead Man Walking herbal incense review

This deep green pack with scary image over it offers some damn good incense. The presentation of this package is very professional and creative. ‘Dead Man Walking’ doesn’t have sugary scents or candy coating, but all natural strong aromas. It has a distinct, natural, organic scent, every last one of it is clean and the blend line produces relatively unique therapeutic effects.

Dead Man Walking is an amazing incense even down to the smell of the extract-resin and the aroma produced from the burner. It’s a pleasant burn through and through. The aroma is simultaneously invigorating and relaxing, not overpowering—unless you’re new to herbal incense, in which case it very well could be. The form of this blend seems typically more concentrated and potent if produced in a proper fashion. It burns slower than most herbal blends, and though burning a large amount simultaneously can be harsh, moderated burning is quite smooth.


Dead Man Walking Herbal Incense is available from ExpressHighs.com

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  1. Gulfraz

    Now this thing is a very strong smoke. It came well packaged as usual and as always, opened it up and took out the packet. once i clicked it open the smell was a very mellow chocolate smell, like cocoa or something, not strong, but you can smell it. The leaf was very nice, no messing about with bits and stuff, just pure pleasure leaves and once you take the first hit, i believe in half a minute this will get you high as a kite. Taste was ok though, sometimes sensing a kind of fruity taste at the back somewhere, but all in all, this is a very strong product, i can guarantee nobody could complain of it, it has everything for a great, successful get together and when you take the price in comparison to what and how much you’re getting, im sure like me, you’ll have a very big smile after a hit with the dead man!


    Iunderstand this baggie here is no joke to tokes of the smokes and I was roflmao
    short and sweet bc it is Thanksgiving eenjoyed this one a lot gave a whiff to my uncle who puffs the real he was laughing so hard he pissed his pants and had to eat dinner in wet shorts lol peace out if it smells like trout don’t eat it out lul

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