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Devils Desires Herbal Incense Review

Devils Desires Herbal Incense Review

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Devils Desires is one of the strongest and potent herbal incense blends ive come across. This is a blend for the seasoner, not the faint hearted. This is a head banger and one that will last for a long time, not be messed with outside. The fragrance is lovely and mildy, with a hint of fruit in there. The high is a head banger, youll go on for ages and still have a bit left over. This is something i would fully recommend as this is a rare blend and packs a mighty punch. The high is heavy, you can feel it and once again, not for newbies by any means. If you’re a seasoned person and want that extra something, i promise you’ll love this. Once again, i fully endorse this blend, its one of the best i have tried, trust me, you will really appreciate it


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