exodus herbal incense

Exodus herbal incense review

No need for an introduction here, this is the one that everyone knows will put you to the floor, legendary and a very strong blend, this has to be tried if not as yet. The usual, mild taste is present when used, followed by a blast to the head that will make you take a seat. This is a stoner, no two ways, so be seated or relaxed while trying this. The high is heavy and dense, making your head heavy and swaying, just like a good hit should do, a trademark effect that the experienced know and love so well. It can safely be said, we are dealing with a top blend and anyone who wants to enter the heavy duty ranks, then look no further, this is the standard for the experienced users, no newbies, completely stay away. Fully recommended 100%, this shall make your day…and night more relaxing, feeling assured this product is high quality and a bang for your money.

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