Kaptain Crunch legal high

Kaptain Krunch herbal incense review

Another wonderful blend, this is a unique one that just must be tried and tested by all. It has a lovely type of aroma and the taste is the same, with a hint of spice. The moment you take this you will feel the effects straight away. Though not the strongest, this most certainly does come in that category, as its high is heavy and follows through the head. This will get you high in no time at all and this can be, sensibly, used outdoors as long as its done in moderation, even newbies but they must take caution regarding this. The strength rate is 4/5, with the high lasting an hour, extending into a mellow high. Should definitely try this blend, as its a really good one that yields different feelings with multiple results and effects. Fully recommended by me and others, do not delay to try this baby!!

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