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Magic Truffles: Tips and Tricks for a Pleasant Journey

People interested to buy legal highs, including magic truffles should know what to expect and how to use such if they’re looking to have a pleasant experience. In our featured post, we’re going to talk about some tips and tricks on how to use the ‘voyager’ herb.

What to know about magic truffles

One should be in a proper setting and set before going from consciousness to a spiritual dimension.

Regarding a set, it refers to one’s physical and mental health (e.g. never use magic truffles if emotional or angry), and setting refers to one’s environment and location for using these truffles.

For those that want to have a pleasant experience, taking their trip seriously, they must prepare for the voyage a couple of days ahead. They should have light meals, including soup, vegetables and juice so that they can absorb the magic truffles well.

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What else to know about food intake before the journey

Some don’t eat anything, but then it is not a requirement.

In fact, people consume their breakfast along with a light lunch if they’re going for a day trip.

And just as what you have probably read from legal highs news, people avoid having red meat or fungi related sources. In all cases, they also refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol.

Tips for a good trip

People can have a pleasurable experience with their magic truffles if they’d filled their minds with positive thoughts, sounds and images. Some of them revealed of watching feel good movies, listening to meditative music or reading inspirational books for a better trip. They also consider thinking about their purpose for the specific voyage.

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It is not advised to take magic truffles if depressed, sick or angry. The same goes if people just want to forget about their miseries or problems.

Remember that psychedelics magnify any mental images or state. So if angry, this negative emotion can be more intense than how it initially was.

It will never be a good idea to consume magic truffles on one’s own if he or she is bothered by a psychological problem. Instead, it will be better if one is relaxed and being in a clear state of mind.

Those who have psychological problems or depressed could use psychedelics in moderation but should be under the supervision of a shaman or an experienced psychotherapist.

People should not consume magic truffles if they’re tired. They should instead use it as early as possible if they want to sleep in their regular schedule. On the other hand, some individuals want to have their journey late in the evening and then trip the entire night.

Some users also want to take their truffles when the surroundings are quieter. In addition, they consume it at a normal dose and in a relaxing and calm environment. When using truffles the first time, it is not recommended to hit parties.

There you have what to know about using magic truffles and a couple of tips to bear in mind for a pleasant experience. Do you think we missed something in this post? Tell us in the comments. Finally, share this article on Facebook and spread legal highs info for other people’s guidance today!

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