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Mary Joy Evolution Review

I received a package from an online vendor the other day, and it contained a blend I have not encountered before called “Evolution”. It is made by Mary Joy . This is one of their most popular brands, and part of a full line-up of new products. They are marketed to the UK market, but they show up in US stores and online shops often.

This blend came in a nicely designed 3 gram package. The image on the front can only be described as a demented clown woman holding her finger up to her mouth in an enticing manner. The color of the herbs inside is an olive green color with a light spearmint scent. No major sticks or stems are noted, and the mix seems to be lightly ground. The smell after burning is heavy and sour and without a hint of the original spearmint scent.
I placed a few pinches into my incense burner and waited for the smoke to fill the room. The aroma is noticed very quickly, with a nearly instant change in the mood of the room. A “swimmy” headspace is followed quickly by dry mouth and red eyes. I opened the windows to the room and let it clear out a bit. After about 10 minutes or so the mood in the room changed to a nice mellow feeling that continued for the next 45 minutes or so.
This is an interesting blend that is stronger than the last Mary Joy product I tried (called just “Mary Joy”). I like this one a lot better, and if it wasn’t for the price , I would rate this higher.
Strength: 8.5

Duration: 8

Quality: 8

Overall: 8

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  1. alberto

    I am fan of Mary Joy legal high products from long time. Without trying Evolution I can say that this is one of the best herbal incense. Will try it and post review soon though.

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