Mary Joy Psyclone

Mary Joy Psyclone Herbal Incense Review

Mary Joy Psyclone is one of the latest incenses that both new and experienced incense burners can appreciate for its very potent blend containing Quinolin-8-yl-1-(5-flouropentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylate./ 1-pentyl-n-tricyclo[]dec-1-yl-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide is the PSY-clone herbal incense blend. We found a couple of interesting Psyclone herbal incense reviews that we’re about to share with you.

Let’s start off with The Herb Incense Chart’s The Herb# who rated it 10/10 strength! He said that this product would creep right up on you within five to 10 minutes!

He questioned how a synthetic flavor had a bloody ‘almost real’ smell (like bananas).

As with the last time, he said, “…felt an initial buzz but not that strong like Pandora’s.” But 10 minutes later, he had the munchies and went straight to the kitchen, where he nearly fell over, saying “Fu** me” (because he thought he forgot how strong this Psyclone incense was).

Instead of a heavy presence, Psyclone legal high effects felt like “pure stoned feeling;” in fact, he revealed that he was still wrecked after 40 minutes.

The Herb# felt ‘high’ in an hour and fifteen minutes (from bowl to sober) and he liked it.

He repeated the test three times and results were the same. Finally, he claimed of saving loads of herbs (because only a small amount was what he needed every time to feel the intense high).

Other Psyclone herbal incense reviews include those from ICE Head Shop. User Hugo Pinto from Portugal said that Psyclone was one of the ‘hall of famers’ because it surprised him with so many different scents to try.

Gabanky from Woodbridge, Suffolk, United Kingdom said that this was the best and nicest tasting among the rest and said he always comes back for more of it. He concluded that it was a good deal (3g) that lasts him a week.

This herbal incense seems to be a good one based on these Psy-clone reviews. But have you tried it yourself? If so, could you share your story so that it can inspire/warn/advise our community about Psy-clone legal high?

Photo Credit: Herbal Incense Online

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  1. rahul

    Mary Joy products are always nice, it’s very strong and rapid. It takes you to heaven in just few minutes. They neva compromised with quality.

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