Morning Glory

Morning Glory — Nature’s Gift of Euphoria

Morning Glory is one of the most precious entheogens across cultures and nations. It’s valued for its laxative properties in China, amazing beauty in Japan (9th century) and hallucinogenic properties for ceremonies in Mexico.

Aside from the name Morning Glory, this entheogen is also known as Badoh Negro, bajucillo, Mantos de Cielo, Ma sung Pahk and Quiebraplato, among other common names. There is a wide range of these vines and a number of its species in the genus Ipomoea (about 500) in the lush areas of modern Mexico.  The most popular of all is the Ipomoea tricolor or the Ipomoea violacea, the strain known in the Aztec region as ‘Tlilitzin,’ a perennial vine that grows from 10 to 20 feet long with heart-shaped leaves growing up to 5 inches in length, funnel-shaped, purplish blue flowers and white tubes.

If you were looking for the best psychoactive morning glories, you can try and look for Pearly Gates, Heavenly Blue, Wedding Bells, Flying Saucers and Summer Skies,  although most potent of which is Heavenly Blue. Based on studies, Flying Saucers, however, are best used for high active alkaloid content than others varieties. Take note though, their seeds are quite hard to find or maybe very expensive.

According to Psychoactives Wikia, morning glories cause sedation and a melting psychedelic high, especially if using its seeds (which are widely available from online vendors).  These seeds contain potent Lysergic Acid Amide (LSA), which can be nice if you were looking to fall asleep before the high is over, but it can also backfire and cause extreme tiredness something bad if you needed to stay stimulated and functional. To contradict sedation, you can have coffee and other stimulants, if you don’t want to feel tired with the seeds’ sedating effects.

For dosage (seeds): Low dose, 20-50; moderate, 50-150; and high, 300+. Fewer would be needed if fresh seeds were to be used. Some users suggest swallowing 5 to 19 seeds, or grinding and letting them sit in water for about 30 minutes before drinking. Alternatively, some people smoke grind seeds for a euphoric but moderate high lasting about an hour.

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  1. Paige

    flowers are looking very beautiful! I asked my regular vendor about it but it seems that he don’t have such seeds. Do you know where can I get’em in UK online?

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