ninja herbal incense review

ninja herbal incense review

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After perusing some of my local shops, I ran across a line of products from a well known company. One of them that really caught my eyes was a deep black zip lock pouch that was having Ninja eyes over it. The front of the bag has a pair of eyes and the sticker of the name Ninja in bold size. At the left bottom corner there are two check boxes of 2G and 6G.  The awesome color of the packet is extremely nice touch.

After opening the zip lock I am greeted by a mild smell of herbs.  The texture of the mix is quite nice, absolutely no sticks or stems. Fluffy in texture, this blend is a bit different than most I have seen. The herbs sometimes include some straight up yellow leaves. To be honest, this isn’t the most impressive looking of blends but the actual texture is nice and twig free.
Placing the blend into an incense burner produces a scent similar to the unburned smell – a soft, herb-like scent with some harshness to the smoke. After a 1/2 of an incense burner full was gone, a slight excitement could be felt – a definite increase of heart rate, some euphoric sensations and light-headedness. It took a while to fully appreciate the scent, for me it was about 10-15 minutes afterwards. The scent kept building for a while, and lasted upwards of an hour. Not an overly strong blend, no body relaxation was noted, but the smell is pleasant enough, and a pretty good deal in the 6 gram bags.


I tried doing some research on this product, but couldn’t find much of anything about it on the net. Overall, I’d rate Ninja as follows:

Aroma: 5/10 (not unpleasant, but not really noticeable either)


Overall: 6.5/10


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