Paradox Fusion Herbal Incense

Paradox Fusion Review

Another herbal incense review, this time looking at Paradox Fusion.

Packaging: 5/5

I always love good packaging system and definitely it qualifies.  Blend is sealed in an orange packet and has very unique design. I liked the images of skulls printed on the front side. If you want to further explore the world of aroma therapy then the packet is useful for you.


Price: 4.2/5

Great value, but at $£20.99/3gmg pkg (direct from the site) it’s a blend where you pay for the quality. At about £7/g it’s still better than the blends it’s competing with price-wise.


Aroma: 4.2/5

Blend is very earthy.  Normally I like a little bit of a fruit mask over the herbal, but this blend captures that natural aroma the way a cigar might (not that the scents are alike, rather they have that same feel). No stem issues in my bag, Product burns very smoothly.


Potency: 4.6/5

It is one of the stronger blends. Very loose body feeling, this is a great blend for a little relaxation. Blend burns at a slower rate than virtually anything I’ve tried.  You may put a little more in to your burner, but this is a blend with a low re-up rate. Expect your purchase to last awhile, but as I said before, order yourself a little extra.


Overall Experience: 4.8/5

It is an excellent standby choice. Long lasting, potent and cheaper than the other blends I would put near it’s strength.  No side effects of note. Blend also enhances music and other sensory experiences (food is great though it doesn’t really cause hunger the way some can).  Hearing seems to heighten.  If you’re an artist or other type of creative personality, this can quickly become your new artsy sidekick.  Also a great blend for before bed, I experienced vivid and pleasant dreams.

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  1. Hussain

    We just tried it yesterday and I say that it was amazing experience for all of us. Price is bit high but the quality is unbeaten!

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