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Sky Horse 5g review

Well readers I know you’ve probably been wondering about the Sky Horse blend you may have seen. I found that it’s not the old stuff you’re used to, but this new incense blend is good for a newer blend. As always, the blends are meant for aromatherapy and Not Meant for Human Consumption! All incense blends contain no banned chemicals! This Sky Horse blends is a new beast all on it’s own. Now on to the review!

We will start off with Sky Horse 5g. My first thought was wow, what a good price, but is it too good to be true? Well no, it appears to be a great deal! I am greeted by the beautiful Sky Horse packaging picture we all know. I open the package hoping the aroma is close to what I expect. It turns out it is not quite what I was expecting, it has a nice apple like aroma. The quality of the herbs is pretty good. Considering the wood some blends contain, there are a few thin twigs but it’s not bad at all.

The  pack comes stuffed with the blend, it’s very nicely filled. As I inspect the herbs, the aroma draws me in a little closer. The real test will be how it burns in my safe and legal incense burner in the old aromatherapy room. I decide to give Sky Horse 5g a real nice size pinch and place it in the burner. I sit back and await the relaxation this aroma hopefully brings. It only takes a few minutes for the aroma to begin taking effect on your space. The scent of Sky Horse is not a strong one, and it doesn’t smell good or bad, just kind of apple. The relaxing effects are there. I was easily able to relax but not zombie relax, it was just enough to wind down a hard day and still get evening plans done, all while the aroma burned itself out, filling my space with its relaxing scent. I would say that the 5 gram amount in this pack will go a long way. It’s not like the old days, but this one will take care of your aroma needs at a nice price without the legal worries of old.

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