The psychedelics do not think that banning all the psychoactive substances is a good idea

The Psychedelic society, presumes that the ban on legal highs by the authorities would not be proved good in the long run. This society basically promotes an approach of right handling of psychoactive substances. Appropriate usage of the drugs is what they aim for. This society is normally not associated with any kind of illegal actions.

There has been intense protest of the society against the government for the ban. They have intentions of inhaling certain gases like nitrous oxide in front of the Parliament. According to the psychedelics, banning all the psychoactive drugs without judging their intensity to harm others is absolutely pointless. Ryan Dancey says’ You can’t categorise everything under one label. It  is to be mentioned that  they are not hesitant to declare that few substances like, Spice, can generate harmful effects but that does not justify the policies of the Drug Enforcement Agencies at all. There are various kinds of NPS that do not create harmful impact, yet such substances have also been illegalised by the authority. To this, the Government claims, that this blanket ban on all the drugs is completely necessary for controlling the illegal usage of legal highs because it is impossible to check all the products .Moreover, the legal high dealers make a minute change in the component of the drug which has almost same effects and brings it down to the market, declares the Government.

The banning has consequently been followed by the black marketing of the legal highs which are 5 times more harmful than the products being sold in the legal ‘headshops’. The closure of the headshops has led to the growing of around 650 anonymous websites selling online drugs to the Europeans. Despite the blanket ban introduced in the year of 2010, Ireland (9%) scores the highest position in using the legal highs that is closely followed by France (8%) and Spain (8%), according to the reports provided by the European Union Agency of Lisbon. It has also been registered that the young crowd is slowly drifting towards the use of heroin , after the proclamation of the ban. Now the psychedelics raise the question that how is Irish young crowd being able to use the drugs in spite of the blanket ban? That clearly signifies that they are involving themselves in unfair means to get the substances. Thus illegalisation would not make much of a difference,  but proper knowledge and education of the drugs would is what they confer.

Finally, they say, if used effectively, certain legal highs would help in the medical research work and would be beneficial in raising taxes, for the government.

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