What Is in K2 E-Liquid and How Is It Used?

Also known as synthetic marijuana, K2 is a designer drug with herb, leafy materials and incense, which are sprayed with lab-created liquid chemicals that can mimic the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a type of psychoactive element found in the natural marijuana plant.

K2 first became popular on the US market in 2008, marketed as herbal incense and made available in three-ounce pouches, but the same were labeled ‘not for human consumption.’ Ever since, it has become popular among young adult and high school students because K2 incense was for sale in convenience stores, online and on head shops, but a national ban in July 2012 was enacted to prohibit it sale in America.

Mamba or Spice (other generic terms for K2), is said to be more powerful than real marijuana, but potency may depend on what is actually used in manufacturing a particular product. Strength also varies from what mixture is used and how K2 liquid is mixed or sprayed on a plant material. So without even saying, effects, including euphoria, can vary from product to product, which may contain varying compounds as well.


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And due to the synthesized chemical contents, effects can be far stronger than those of the natural weed can give.

Today, K2 lovers out there can enjoy their favorite potpourri with the introduction of K2 e-liquid, said to be the newest way of enjoying legal high.

Results, according to The Official K2 Incense, can last up to two hours, mainly due to the product’s high concentration with even a drop to get the total satisfaction a user is looking for. Some products, according to the site, contains up to 75 doses, which can supply up to 150 hours of potpourri aroma users love. To use K2 e-liquid, one has to use a drop of it into a vaporizing device while some can be used by drop on a cigarette.

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