Fiji Wave 3g

fiji wave herbal incense

Fiji wave nails a lot of pros from the get-go. The white-bluish bag beautifully ordained with sea-wave portrait, succulent strong scents and a nice fine grind (the latter of which is primarily a personal preference). But.head  is nothing, heart is everything–and that heart is the blend inside the pretty packaging we’re going to tear into.

The scent is really satisfactory. The scent produced by your burner is just as you would hope for after giving the bag a whiff.  Perhaps, this is reminiscent of the smell of a fresh green pepper. Fiji has the scent with a sweeter tinge to it, though not seemingly not quite prevalent enough. It is an extremely sweet explosion of wavy extravaganza…

The beautiful aroma fills the room with a satisfying euphoria, not a whole lot of drudgery to be noticed. Uplifting vibrations surround the swirling smoke of the aroma. You really can’t go wrong with Fiji Wave. No experienced user can claim it’s lacking in anything significant and can’t deny its quick potent one-two punch. This scent will stimulate the mind for approximately 40 minutes.

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