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Sirius 3g

Writing a negative or average review of herbal incense can be relatively boring. There’s not much to say. I don’t enjoy bashing companies, and most companies confident and benevolent enough to send free samples for review usually have some belief behind their product, which it hurts a little to shatter.

When it comes to writing a review of a terrible movie for example, say the Nicolas Cage version of The Wicker Man, there are so many aspects to expound upon, such as his senselessly violent misogynistic attitude which inclines his character (?) to beat up fat or young women, his use of a gun to steal a villager’s bicycle, the riveting dialogue twist on the original. I could go on and on.

But there’s nothing to really expound upon with average incense. it’s just… average. My hypothesis is it’s the result of low concentration and/or inefficient procedures resulting in mediocrity, or apathy with intentions of only reeling in revenue. I procrastinated my review for Sirius.

Sirius has a typical herbal smell to it straight from the bag. When burning it produces harsh clouds of smoke that some may find undesirable. Effects are hardly notable at first, but then a feeling of weight-fullness drops in after a good five minutes, a depressant effect which drags you into a dreary and semi-apathetic state of mind. This isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just kind of, well, dull compared to what we usually hope to experience with quality herbal incense.

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