1V-LSD experience trip report

One morning out of curiosity I decided to embark on a new psychedelic adventure with 1V-LSD, or one-valeryl-D-lysergic acid diethylamide (another name for it). Being the explorer of interior landscapes and expanding consciousness that I am, I prefer the nickname of “Valerie”. So, without further delay here is my story, that is pure reflection of events.

To start off the experiment, I did preliminary research on 1V-LSD. Specifically, I focused on its chemical structure, the psychedelic effects it produces, and whether it is legal or not. Weighing caution while I know that it is now regulated and was formerly online, I ensured a safe learning environment in that trial is controlled.

As I awaited this action with deliberateness, I took a tiny dose of 1 V-LSD allowing for its potency and knowing what it could cause me. In the process of the compound taking effect, I have thus begun to have a positive attitude towards this tedious journey which I courageously took by faith.

At first my reactions were overwhelmed with a sense of unreality, which soon led to a changed outlook. Colors were more lively, patterns shifted out an approaching an ever changing kaleidoscope. The cityscape transformed and component of sensations increased with sounds obtaining new dimensions and textures were very conspicuous.

With only one reason in mind, which was the quest for fulfillment as provided by the activity itself, I selected to experience 1V-LSD to the depths. The expressive part of human life became peeping more inside oneself and the reflective part – recognizing your core of existence. Time to hold, as I began to experience the timelessness of the psychedelic universe.

While the journey continued, I was only alone with myself, as I periodically pondered over myself in order to determine the condition of my mind and emotions. If the trip was thanks to 1V-LSD, it was indeed a very special and immersive experience. However, I recognized that 1V-LSD is powerful and that it can also be very intense, thus respecting its power to cause large perceptual shifts.

At the moment when the 1V-LSD effects started to fade away, I started thinking about the whole experience and what I had learned in the process about the depth of my mind and my own essence. It emphasized the fact that psychedelics are the most transforming element of psyche and the responsible approach in making of mind mysteries comprehensible. Abstaining from 1V-LSD while experiencing it mindfully is a matter of respect. One must be aware of the possibility of such drugs to improve mental health and spiritual enlightenment. My jaunt with 1V-LSD only demonstrated to me that the presence of these substances in a responsible manner, with respect, and the ability to embrace the unknown, is crucial.

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