HXE Experience

This drug is a very powerful dissociative, as I would learn very quickly. As a
beginner, I took 50mg by snorting them, which was incredibly unpleasant, probably one
of the harder ones to take for sure.
I enjoy dissociatives generally, it’s nice to check out for a while and allow myself
to float, but this one really gripped me and yanked me under. I’d liken it perhaps to
being buried under pounds and pounds of dirt, pushed down by the soil but still able to
wiggle my fingers a bit. The trip was long and honestly a bit unpleasant, I was
dissociating so hard that it was almost having the opposite effect on me, drawing my
attention to how gone I was in a way that kept unleashing temporary panic, which would
thrash around to try and gain my attention before being shoved away again by a wave
of dissociation. Partway through, as I began to come down, I decided to go lie in bed on
my phone and play a few mindless mobile games, which make the comedown feel as if
it’s going by faster. I appreciated that at least, that I got a chance to just lie around and
relax once I’d been dug back up from under the ground. I wish I had prepared myself for
this one a little more, though I don’t know how I could have. I probably won’t be touching
it again, it didn’t feel worth it at all and I never entirely felt like I was having a pleasant
time. Unfortunate.

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