2-Fluoromethamphetamine is a stimulant closely related methamphetamine, but while there isn’t enough pharmacological properties among flouro methoxy replaced amphetamines, it has been found to be component of legal highs, mainly as replacement for scheduled or restricted substances. Cayman Chem, however, revealed that the hydrochloride component is only intended to serve as a standard for the forensic analysis of samples, which may contain 2-FMA.

Formal name is 2-​fluoro-​N-​α-​dimethyl-​benzeneethanamine,​ monohydrochloride; molecular formula is C10H14FN • HCl; formula weight is 203.7; purity is ≥98%; and stability is two years.

Even though there are insufficient studies conducted on 2-Fluoromethamphetamine, it can be assumed that it is more likely to function both as a dopamine and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor, just like other replaced amphetamines. 2-FMA can boost the levels of both neurotransmitters in the brain through attaching to and slightly blocking the transporter proteins normally removing such monoamines found in the synaptic cleft. This action allows norepinephrine and dopamine to accumulate in one’s brain, resulting to euphoric and stimulating effects.

Unlike other substituted amphetamines, this substance comes free of side effects, including high blood pressure, uncomfortable offset, anxiety and nausea; instead, it is said to be helpful and effective noottropic in terms of giving users stimulation for performing productivity tasks of whatever kind. But sources revealed that the substance could prove dysfunctional and recreational when used at high dosage because of the intensity of stimulation and euphoria. So effects, without even saying, could vary depending on dosage and higher dosage might induce a full range of effects, including stimulation, physical euphoria, thought acceleration, focus improvement, tactile enhancement, wakefulness, anxiety suppression and analysis enhancement, among others.

A Drugs Forum user ‘frequency’ said that the RC had a lot of potential and that it came very manageable and smooth as compared to other unhalogenated products. There was no hangover or psychosis even after being awake for three days. With no signs of fatigue, his normal state of awareness continued with dosage of 50mg intranasal and 20mg vaped off foil redoses every thirty minutes, he added. He achieved sleep with some opiates, but there was still no sign of hangover even after resting.

Another site user ‘Tech House’ reported that his researcher completed a month-long trial of 2-FMA for a total of three grams (100 mg per day) and concluded it was an excellent stimulant for him. As a summary, the research chemical provided a gentle stimulation and a positive mood without negative side effects and requiring dosage increase. In fact, he noted, it did not cause withdrawal symptoms even after two days without taking it.

Have you tested 2-Fluoromethamphetamine yourself? How was the experience like? Feel free starting or joining the conversation below.

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  1. g splff

    Well, I’ve known some folks with experience with these “FA” substances, ie the fluorinated amphetamines. 2 FMA is the best, most functional and most euphoric. A friend might have gotten a batch of mislabeled 4 FA once and it was overwhelmingly psychdelic for a stimulant. 2 FA is a safe bet for someone who just wants an adderall replacement or boost/extras/etc. Keep in mind as well that 2 fma can pop positive for methamphetamine on a drug test while 4-2 FA will only pop for amphetamine, tho all will still show up…

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