Also known as an emphathogenic stimulant, 5-MAPB is commonly sold in powder form and usually taken rectally, nasally or orally, while IV AND IM ROA are also reported, according to EROWID. This substance is an amino-methylated derivative of another substance, 5-APB.  The toxicological or physiological properties of 5-MAPB are yet to be evaluated. Therefore, chemistry students and research chemical scientists have a big chance of discovering more of its potentials.

Its synonym is 5-(2-Methylaminopropyl) Benzofuran, molecular formula C12H15NO • HCl, formula weight 225.7 and purity less or greater than 98 percent when sold. This product coming in crystalline solid form has a stability of up to two years if stored in a room with an ideal temperature of -20C.

According to EROWID, this euphoric stimulant and emphathogenic drug with chemical name (1-(benzofuran-5-yl)-N-methylpropan-2-amine) has effects reported to be somewhat similar with 5-APB, MDMA and other related research chemicals. 5-MAPB has design related to MDMA, so it also exhibits emphathogenic properties. While it is less stimulating physically than other euphoric stimulants, nystagmus, jaw tension and other effects were reported.

It is slightly more potent than MDMA, based on many reports. For instance, 50 to 70 mg of it may be equivalent to 100 mg of MDMA, but because each user reacts to chemicals differently, dosage is only tentative. What may be safe dosage for one may be dangerous for another user. The entactogenic drug’s onset is between 45 and 60 minutes, duration of five to eight hours and after-effects from two to four hours.

Blue Light user ‘SilentRoller’ said that this drug was a middle step between MDMA and 5APB, while user Repulse said that he couldn’t distinguish the feeling from MDMA for 20 minutes. Then, his experience turned into a different high versus MDMA. There was euphoria, slight visual change and increased social activity. He added that the drug’s effects was a little bit stimulating, although 5-APB was quite stimulating on its own with the n-methylation increasing it.

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