3-MeOMC  [3-Methoxymethcathinone (hydrochloride)], with CAS 1435933-70-2, molecular formula C11H15NO2 • HCl, formula weight 229.7 and formal name 1-​(3-​methoxyphenyl)-​2-​(methylamino) propan-​1-​one,​ monohydrochloride, is a psychoactive compound coming in crystalline solid form with two years stability at -20C. This substance is identified to be an adulterant in bath salts and party pills.

Also known as methedrone, the substance is also a β-keto derivative of another substance, 3-methoxymethamphetamine. However, the specific properties of 3MeOMC have been poorly studied in forensic and research applications, giving research scientists a huge chance of discovering its potential.

While the research compound is a positional isomer of methedrone, its methoxy groups is found at three and not at the four positions. Other related compounds include 3,4-Dimethylethcathinone, 2-Methoxymethcathinone and 2-Fluoromethcathinone.

Now what are users saying about 3-MeOMC? Dopalator Forum user ‘Uzytkownik,’ who tried to sniff 150mg a couple of times, said that duration was between 15  minutes to two hours, with effects including empathy, stimulation and motivation and that concluded it worked less than 3-MMC (Metafedron). Generally, he adds, it has potencies and that someone with low tolerance on beta ketones can try it.

Research Chemical Review translated and posted a couple of reviews from a Polish forum, and one of it is from a user who reported feelings of easy euphoria, classic sweats and low speed and said it reminded him of 3MMC, although a weaker version. He added it has potential, just without the WOW factor.

As published at Drug Scope, data on the number of people using methedrone, mephedrone, methylone and similar cathinone derivatives in the United Kingdom aren’t sufficient because it’s not yet featured on major drug use surveys, including in the British Crime Survey Drug Misuse declared bulletin. But based on anecdotal reports, 3-MeOMC is popular among general recreational drug users and club-and-party goers. Before being classified under the Misuse of Drugs Act, it was available in headshops and on the net, although some vendors still sell it but as a plant feeder.

Pricing: $29.80/gram (Retail price); $3.21/gram (Wholesale price)

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