3-CMC, with IUPAC 1-(3-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one; 3-Chloromethcathinone, molecular weight 197.66 and molecular formula C10H12C1NO, is a research chemical also known Chlorinedrone or Chloredrone, which is available in big or small crystals from 3-4mm and 10mm. Researchers note, Chlorinedrone is close to 3-MMC or mephedrone and 150 mg is required for best lab results.

While this RC is available from many retailers/wholesalers, insufficient information, in terms of effects, is published. Generally, it belongs to a group called cathinones, which make some stimulants and entactogens known to be ‘cathinone derivatives.’

Blue Light user ‘dopamimetic’ said he used small doses 1-30mg claiming it gave him a nice but unambiguously serotonergic and mood-lifting effect. He found it neutral and a little bit sedating but in a comfortable manner. He added duration lasted for maybe three hours and faded away without harsh comedown, noting he also felt no signs of 5-HT depletion, but said he dosed conservatively. And because he doses with memantine daily, he adds although unsure, it might have offered protection versus excitotoxicity.

Then, another report is from a Drugs Forum user ‘przyczlap’ who tested 100-500mg. He sniffed 300-350 and said snorting this b-k was much better than oral. He added, 3-CMC was painful when snorted due to its chlorine structure though, something very similar after snorting x-Flouro (Meth) amphetamines. In terms of effects, he said, duration lasted from 90 to 120 minutes, and effects included nice empathy (such as that with brephedrone), a little euphoria (more on improvement of well-being) and a feeling of light ‘unreality.’  He added that its buzz effects reminded him of mephedrone, although weaker and felt lack of physical stimulation. Users could go to sleep after consuming it without any problems and that the substance might have potentials for mixing with other RCs because its actions didn’t impress him.’

Average price is €26.00/gram (big crystals), €22.00/gram (small crystals), but may vary from seller to seller.

Have you trialed 3-CMC yourself? If so, feel free writing a review or a comment today!

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