A-PiHP Experience trip report

I tried A-PiHP for the first time with my best friend (at the time). I’d already tried a
few other stimulants, and she had suggested it to me as something fun we could do on
the weekend or something. I didn’t have anything planned, so I agreed.
I don’t actually know how she got it, but it know it was pretty cheap because she
didn’t charge me that much (she said we could split the price in half, but in hindsight the
likelihood that she told me to pay more than I needed to is pretty high, she wasn’t a very
nice or reliable person). We decided to vape it on tinfoil, her idea because apparently
even though snorting it was supposed to make it last longer, vaporizing it apparently felt
better. I think we started out with 5mg.
It felt really good almost immediately, like a really intense headrush. I think we
just sat there chattering at each other for a while, I don’t actually know how long
because I wasn’t looking at the clock. I just felt very energized, and like I could talk
forever. Normally I’m pretty nervous about being too loud or drawing too much attention
to myself, even in one-on-one settings, but literally all of that completely disappeared.
The euphoria went away really fast, and we both started getting anxious and a bit
paranoid, so my friend had the idea to redose, 10mg this time. Since I was missing the
feeling of it really bad already, I agreed. We got more tinfoil out and smoked it, it felt
really silly doing it like that in the middle of the living room but we didn’t have any actual
stuff available. My friend said she wanted to try snorting it, but I was worried I would
have to take care of her once my high went away, so I convinced her to just smoke it
with me like we did the first time. It took a few tries; she was really, really committed to
trying a new method, but I was persuasive and we were both starting to really feel the
paranoia, so eventually she agreed.
The redose didn’t feel as good as the first time. Like, it felt really good, but it
didn’t really reach the same peak. My friend started trying to convince me to try again
almost immediately, but I know from experience that you never really hit the same high
with drugs like this when you take more so fast, so I said no, and asked her if she
wanted to play Mario Kart or something instead. It kinda worked as a distraction, and it
satisfied my need to do something active with my hands, so we played that until the
high faded and we started getting really tweaky and paranoid again.
I called an Uber home after that, and spent the next whole day in bed. The
comedown wasn’t horrible, but I was really paranoid (I can’t remember what about), and
felt really tired, so it was just easier to sleep all day.

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