Berry bomb review

Berry bomb review

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A little background info I have been burning herbal incense since the good ole 1st gen days. I just received a 1gram container of Berry Bomb. Love the container. This product comes in very secure tight zip lock packet with the picture of three blue berries. It is something blue herb with a berry smell not really just blue berry but sweeter stronger. It had few small stems but overall really soft, fluffy herbs. First burn is great smooth fragrant, long lasting. Second third burns fragrance last, continues to build.. Over all Potentcy: 9/10, Material: 10/10, this product is definitely worth the money. I will be getting more of this herb.


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  1. Ginger June 13, 2015 at 2:25 pm

    I am thinking to try something new this weekends and I found Berry bomb herbal incense. I love blueberry aroma so I am going to try this. Any suggestion for online vendors?

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