dr greenthumbs herbal incense

Dr. Green Thumbs incense review

I am so excited about this blend, that I can hardly let the thoughts formulate in my brain before typing them…the words (excellence, fluffy, distinctive, elegance) all dance around in my head by just glancing at the product. You need to take it.  It will give you a unique aromatic experience.  I have already placed my orders; let me tell you why you should place yours.


Dr. Green Thumbs is a finely ground mixture of herbs, with just a few sticks or stems. .  I can forgive that, I understand that a few may get around Quality Control, but it is not something that you will notice unless you are looking for it.  I owe it to you guys to check just to be sure, but these stems did not hinder my enjoyment of this blend in the slightest. I put a pinch in my burner and allowed myself to be whisked away by this amazing scent. Its sweet melodies lingered on the tip of my imagination for a solid hour.  It had been a few days since I had enjoyed aromatherapy and I easily settled into it nicely.


While Dr. Green Thumbs does have more of an aromatic kick than its brethren, it is still not going to send you into the freak out or hysteria range. It seems that relaxation has been baked into the very core essence of this blend.

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  1. Kaden

    I love the aroma when you put it in the burner, strong and amazing! My vendor suggest me this one and its beyond my expectation, go for it.

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