Critical haze

Critical haze review

The yellow-black packaging showing a Critical Haze logo against a radioactive symbol frankly raises my hopes.  I had been feeling for a while that there wasn’t anything that reminded me of earlier blends, but even I don’t judge a book by its cover.  Cracking open the bag reveals a soft blend, medium green in color – no sticks or stems (thank you) and a lightly sweet nondescript scent that isn’t offensive at all.  One medium sized pinch into the incense burner and I am ready to light.

Whoa. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.  Seriously, the scent bowls me over with an unexpected force that leaves me a little loopy and lightheaded. Glad I’m sitting in bed for the evening watching a movie because there is no going anywhere while this is burning. I cautiously put out the burning herbal blend and wait until I feel like it is safe to try that again. Normally I’m a little more careful when it comes to sampling new blends but apparently Critical Haze tossed all my good sense out of the window.  Ok, putting a little more in the incense burner again.  Small pinch… still lightheaded, still feeling silly, still enjoying the bodily sensations and kicking back watching a movie seems like the perfect thing to do.


I admit, I’m not used to feeling overwhelmed by a single light to the incense in my burner and I realize that this is definitely not an everyday burn blend, unless you’re prepared to be done for the day. It is good for watching a movie with friends, listening to music, or playing on the computer. Something light to keep your mind occupied while you look at things in a different viewpoint, nothing that requires a whole lot of concentration though! The duration of this particular blend seems to be the same 20 minutes that blends have nowadays but since a little goes a long way, and I believe its best saved for special occasions, Critical Haze will last me quite a long time! I plan on saving this one for those times when I feel like there is a good time to kick back and forget my cares for a while.


Critical Haze reminds me a little bit of older generation blends but a word to the wise – go easy on it, you won’t regret it.  Available in 1g and 3g sizes!


Aroma: 7/10

Potency: 8.5/10

Duration: 7/10

Overall:  7.5/10


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