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Following the blanket ban on legal highs in the UK, there have not been any decent herbal incense blends, “legal highs”, since the law has taken into effect. The market for legal highs has been inundated with pseudo-products that simply do not work and do not produce any noticeable effects. That being the case, and rather surprisingly, I’ve noticed a large trend of buyers seeking out CDB herbal incense blends being sold in the UK on websites such as Ice Head Shop. CDB or Cannabidiol, despite being one of the most prevalent chemical compounds that are derived from the cannabis plant, is completely NON-psychoactive. For those of you who are interested in not wasting your money, there exist alternatives to CDB products that actually do and will work…


Why Cannabidiol (CDB) Does Not Work

First off, what’s all the buzz about CDB? CDB is known as the major nonpsychoactive component of cannabis with clinical research indicating therapeutic benefits that relate to certain types of arthritis and other possible calming effects. A study published in Neuropsychopharmacology in 2004 suggested that there may be certain anxiolytic properties in CBD, which essentially means that it may have a sedative effect, subjectively speaking, reducing anxiety in the study participants and increasing their mental sedation. This is promising research for proponents of CDB however, drinking chamomile tea or Kava Kava Root Extract also produces anxiety-reduction and promotes calming effects.

On top of that, Kava and Chamomile products have far more supportive research to back up their supposed effects, including applications for pain-relief. That being said, there are some possible unknown side-effects concerning the liver and Kava, which in 2003, the UK banned the herb from being purchased commercially although possession for personal consumption is allowed (slightly contradicting guidance). If you are concerned by the lack of long-term research, don’t go around trying to acquire some just yet.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most well-known molecule from the cannabis plant and sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, IS psychoactive. I don’t need to list the massive number of medical benefits concerning THC from treating multiple sclerosis, alleviation of neuropathic pain, and promoting appetite / treating refractory vomiting in the treatment of anorexia, HIV/AIDS, and those undergoing chemotherapy. Beyond the extensive research and list of benefits, THC is psychoactive and very potent to that end. However, cannabis is currently illegal in the UK.

So here we are; CBD which shows a marginal effect, is marketed and sold from the Ice Head Shop website and other similar sites online in the UK, and a whole bunch of other pre-ban products that will give you a legal high, and are available online to buy immediately.

So, where can I find a decent Legal High UK product that actually works?

The best thing to do if you are looking for legal highs in the UK is to find some good pre-ban products and to shop at stores located in other European countries such as

What Legal High UK products and websites should you avoid?

The current CBD herbal incense blends being sold in the UK just do not work, and I am sorry to say it. I would love it if they sold products that don’t waste your time and money, but as of the ban, marketing caffeine or CBD based products as some type of panacea, with effects being promoted as ranging from spikes in energy levels that will make you happy and more sociable to chemical powders that will make you smile in no time, is not only misleading customers into taking ineffective placebo products, but is delegitimizing the industry. The only place I have found you where you can currently buy decent, pre-ban products is at

The moral of the story, keep on the lookout for any product that utilizes CDB. The jury is out on it and although there is some minor indication of calming or sedative effects, my experience is that the products sold at the Ice Head Shop have little to virtually no effect.

Final Thoughts

I have analyzed the issue from multiple viewpoints, as the end user, from the seller’s perspective, and as someone that wants to share my experiences to help other people avoid common pitfalls by chasing false marketing and unsubstantiated claims/promises.

My conclusion is that CBD products being sold by – have absolutely no effects, and are just a waste of money; The CBD herbal incense blends that Ice Head Shop sell do not work (it’s a fact that is supported by research that is widely and publically available).

The only place I could actually find a decent product that work is by going to Check it out for yourself and let me know your comments/feedback. I am constantly looking for the best places to buy legal high incense in the UK or anywhere else in Europe. If have tried either website or you find other sites or products that sell legal high consumables in the UK, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. Would love to hear them.


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    I am from Sudan and in love with herbal incense, I am asking if it`s possible to be delivered to my country.
    Please let me know ASAP.
    your kindly friend/ Saklen

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