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ESLHS Launches Legal High Survey

In March 2015, the “England Survey of Legal High Substances” was launched.

The legal high survey asks England residents over 18 about their perception and knowledge of the new psychoactive substances (NPS) or legal highs and is set to find out the good and bad effects they have personally experienced after consuming legal highs.

This survey also aims to find out certain factors that encouraged people to use, continue using or to stop using such in the near future.

The people who have never taken any legal high can still take part in the survey.

It takes about 15 minutes to complete, involves respondents over 18 and closes on June 30, 2015.

My Legal High (mylegalhigh.org) gives respondents the opportunity to taking a secure, confidential, anonymous, user-friendly and non-judgmental survey about their knowledge and perception of legal high and the chance of completing it at their own time through their tablet, Smartphone or computer.

Organizers promise to share the results of the ESLHS with interested parties as soon as the findings are available and hope that the results will interest people consuming legal highs, those considering using and those working in the health and social services interested of learning how they can improve their services to legal high users under their care. They also look forward to sharing its findings with the academic community, policy makers and public health workers.

Finally, they were hoping that the findings would be able to give the public better information when making a decision about consuming legal highs, provide them understanding on the reasons people start and stop using legal highs and offer them knowledge of the effects experienced after consuming certain NPS.

The online-based survey takes eight steps to complete and a separate survey for ‘individuals who have taken legal highs’ and ‘individuals who have never taken a legal high’ can be chosen from.

Photo Credit: Colorado.gov

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