Raheem Sterling

England Star Raheem Sterling Filmed Inhaling Hippy Crack

Liverpool forward Raheem Sterling faces a second drug controversy after a video filmed him of inhaling hippy crack (nitrous oxide) days after pictures showing him of smoking shisha pipe.  The superstar will face club investigation as to why he was consuming legal highs (as published at Daily Mail article, April 14).

In a footage that spread online, he is seen allegedly smoking ‘nitrous oxide’ from an orange balloon laughing and giggling before asking his friends to giving him another hit.


And when the camera panned back at him, he was either unconscious or had fallen asleep. The said video obtained by ‘The Sun’ newspaper was taken a couple of days before a game.


Nitrous oxide is said to deprive the brain of oxygen and make a user feel dizzy and light-headed.


A representative from Liverpool said that they were aware of the story, that they intended to speak to the player and that they were taking the matter for any subsequent action internally.


When contacted by Sportsmail, Aidy Ward, Sterling’s agent, refused to comment on the story but admitted it was his client.


Brendan Rogers, when asked if he would remind Sterling of his responsibilities, he said that he would. He added that he (Sterling) was a young kid who had been in the spotlight so he knew the demands given to a top class sportsman and that it’s not just on but also off field. He also said that he would speak with the player and they would move on.


Follow-up story: As published by Mirror in the article “Raheem Sterling and Jordon Ibe have learned their lesson, insists Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers,” on April 17, Rogers claimed that both had learned what they have to learn from the controversy after their fatherly chat. He met them at Melwood (Thursday) to speak about their pictures with a shisha pipe that went online (while Raheem Sterling was videod inhaling hippy crack a few days after). He reminded them of their public responsibilities and was confident they would heed his advice.

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