Exodus Nightshade

Exodus Nightshade Herbal Incense Review

Exodus Nightshade herbal incense is one of the latest installments from Mary Joy, which is said to fly off the shelves fast! Let’s see what users have been noting about it in their Exodus nightshade reviews below.

According to ICE Headshop, where it garners five out of five possible ratings, people should use it with extreme caution and only in well-ventilated areas.

On the same site, we found a couple of interesting reviews about it. Reviewer ‘Hamz,’ who rated it five stars, said that Exodus was smooth and strong, same feedback that users of other Mary Joy products, such as Kaos and Psy-clone receive. An anonymous reviewer from Nottingham said that Exodus Nightshade legal high was better than Damnation because it could get one very high.

Herbal Incense Online described that it isn’t only of top quality but it also has a potent aroma that guarantees ‘hyper’ compliancy with real Exodus Nightshade ingredients, which are sourced from the UK and stand up against new laws.

Then, we found an interesting story about Exodus Nightshade at Legal Highs Blog. According to a user, this product, in terms of consistency, has reasonable combination of herbs, except that it also had many sticks, giving a hassle in removing or sifting through, and in regards to smell, has a very earthy aroma.

The same reviewer said that it (Exodus Nightshade) only 10 seconds were needed before its effect kicked in. This high feeling continued for five minutes more and he felt like his heart was going to burst out his chest.

Continuing, he said that it was not that pleasurable.  The ‘high’ died down after 20 minutes, and he started feeling more of as if he was having a mellow high to almost nothing at all. But he claimed of having the obvious, physical effects, including dry mouth and red eye. Overall, he did not feel stoned but just slower and lethargic than he usually do.

He concluded that the positives stop at the packaging because the smoke’s harshness and consistency were disappointing, and when he put it together—with the first five-minute rush, then the mellow, most lazy 20 minutes that followed, he definitely wouldn’t recommend this smoke, rating it 3 out of 10 possible points.


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6 Responses

  1. max

    Exodus Nightshade has very potent aroma and strong blend. I tried is last week and suggest every user to try it once. Nice quality.

  2. Gulfraz

    i have also tried this product earlier from another supplier and the smoke was good. It was strong, but not that different to what im smoking now and the difference is the price range.. don’t get me wrong, this will stone you, but this was supposed to be a version of the damnation which was supposed to be one of the best out there in terms of potency and quality..it has both! but for a fraction of the price, Expresshighs offer alternatives that not only match this product strength wise but the prices are day and night when compared. stick to expresshighs my friends, do your pocket a favour and give your brain a good tickler! Buy quality herbal with the knowledge you are getting it at fraction of the cost and at least 3-4 amount more quantity from expresshighs..nice one lads!

  3. Abs

    My buddy’s got a 1g pack of this and I was pretty skeptical to the effects and reviews, I don’t smoke, but they made two single skin j’s and went out the hotel room for a puff, one only had about 5 puffs, the other one had the full j. My first friend came if with giggle fits and proclaimed he was totally stoned, second pal stumbled into the room like a zombie collapsed onto the chair and sat practically motionless with the occasional twitch, it was over 10 mins before he managed to mumble he was OK and took a good 30 mins to return to a coherent state, no joke, I read a review that said start with a few sprinkles… Pay heed…

  4. SwanSmoke

    I think its a tidy smoke like, rather the Damnation but all in all Nightshades a good smoke.. Nothing compared to Holy Smoke which by far is strongest I’ve tried.. Ended up in hospital off it, tidy stuff like

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