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Genesis Herbal Incense Review

Genesis Herbal Incense

From the makers of Black Mamba comes the Genesis herbal incense, which only a pinch should be used according to Sensible Seeds for effects. But is it a good pick? That’s what we’re about to find out in this Genesis review.

Legal Dreams describes that Genesis ‘marks the birth of a new breed of herbal incense,’ and that invites everyone to try the product. It also stated Genesis is made from the finest quality herbs and natural combinations for medical requirements.

ICE Headshop rated it 4/5 in strength and claimed it is a high strength brand new blend. Now, let’s see what reviewers from the site are saying about the product. First off is an anonymous reviewer from Stroud, Gloucestershire who said that it was a very nice and relaxing blend.

Erika Rutherford from Halesworth, Suffolk said that Genesis incense had a very relaxing aroma, while an anonymous reviewer said that it tasted and felt like green.

Another interesting review is from an anonymous reviewer from Leicester, Leicestershire, who claimed that this herbal incense had a mellower aroma than most of the others he had tried, so he really liked it (especially it does not have a fruity flavor). Another reviewer ‘mashed again’ said he did not think this product was as strong as Happy Joker, but still it was very good and recommended.

Reviewer ‘Magic from Isle of Man’ said that it was a good gear, although not as harsh as Sirius but also potent.  Another reviewer Peter from Witney, Oxfordshire said that the Genesis herbal incense seemed to be the best having had tried various products and wished there was a way to know what (products) would be very similar but a little bit different from Genesis. Finally, Dazzer from Cornwall said that Genesis legal high wasn’t as good as Black Mamba 1 or 2, but it was a fine blend and the best one around. He gave it 10 out of 10 for excellence!

Have you tried Genesis herbal incense? If you did, feel free writing your review or signing up at Legal Highs Guru to review your favorite herbal incenses on the market.

Photo Credit: Sensible Seeds


  1. jill

    can I get any free samples?

    1. alen

      if you know any vendors online, askem for free sample. if they’re promoting the brand you can get some samples without a penny

      1. Jill

        thanks Alen, I sent msg to some online vendor regarding this. I like this website.

  2. sudip

    can anybody ship any legal highs to India?? please tell me price.

    1. Faizal

      I know many vendors who ship legal highs to India, pm me for more details.

    2. presha

      you can get anything in india bro 🙂

  3. Bruce

    first Black Mamba and now Genesis, both are good

    1. Michi

      I like Genesis but Black Mamba is my favorite

  4. brent

    genuine product and best quality.

    1. betty

      awesome aroma and nice blend, Im very impressed with genesis

  5. craig

    as good as black mamba, I tried it twice and must say this is the best product I ever tried. must try it once


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