get real herbal incense

Get Real Herbal Incense

Hi there!
Today I will test Get Real herbal incense 10g of which I got instead of my usual 3g from my trusted shop.

Content: 10,8g
Price: £15 including discount
Set: full of anticipation, happy, relaxed, in a good mood
Setting: At home, living room.

The black and blue “Breaking Bad” zip-bag looks nice and can be reclosed nicely, the logo looks quite professional and was printed directly on the bag.
The herb mixture itself is fluffy and fine-grained, I could not see any sticks, the smell is comparable to Bud Factory classic extreme.
I smoked about 0.1g in one step and at first I was overwhelmed by the strength of this blend, its effects are very much noticeable in less than a minute.
8 minutes later, the effects set in completely: confused, heavy, slow, tired, a bit trippy … to be clear: really really stoned. There is a form of clarity in your head and you just float along.
30 minutes later, the effects are on its max, I am quite heavily pressed onto the couch while I have a slightly twisted optic and I am tired as if I haven’t slept in 3 days.
About an hour later, the main effects start to fade and a pleasant body high remains for about 2 hours.
After the main effects, I am more or less clean again, a slight confusion and tiredness lasted about an hour longer.
Everyone who likes a distinct stoned and who is not frightened by a strong blend and long duration, is perfect for “Get Real”.

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