Scooby Snax Original 10g

Scooby Snax Review

Scooby Snax Original 10g

The colorful foil package greeting me in the mail is the funny cartoon of Scooby with Scooby Snax written over it. Scooby Snax comes in a 10g package that warns us not to consume. Good to know. Here we have a nice fluffy blend with little to no sticks or stems. Thank you. I’m so tired of picking through blends that I pay for by the weight, only to recover maybe 1/2 to 1/3 of burnable material. I won’t go off on that particular rant just yet though. Anyways…

Lately I have noticed that most of the incenses available nowadays on the market are either heart-racing manic blends, or put-you-to-sleep herbal scents. Scooby Snax is nice in that. I didn’t feel the urge to pass out and sleep the day away. I felt more like a blank slate – ready to take on whatever came my way.

Creativity is the name of the game here, with nice bright thoughts that encouraged me to get up and do things without feeling dull or stupid. We had a birthday party BBQ and I thoroughly enjoyed Scooby Snax and my company! It was a perfect way to get away from all the hustle and bustle, sneak off to my room, light up my trusty incense burner and kick back for 5 quiet, peaceful moments, basking in the scent – which was a nice sweetish vanilla smell. Then I’d rejoin the party, none the wiser, and me definitely more relaxed and happy. I can tell you that one medium-sized pinch lasted me 45-60 minutes or so with occasional relighting.

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