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Green Dream and Green Dream light incense reviews

Heya just this past week I got Green Dream and Green Dream light from online vendor. Let me start off by saying shipping was nice and fast.  Both of the packets show a meditating person before a huge globe. On to the product first I’ll start with Green Dream.

So, when I open the bag of Green Dream, the scent reminds me kind of damiana. Usually a good percentage of the knockoffs and shitty products I get are like all damiana and smell similar so I’m like shit! But good thing I held on hope. So I pack some in my burner and let the scent fill the room and all I Igotta say is damn! This stuff is NOT for beginners and I wouldn’t recommend it if you do not use aroma therapy often. Another thing I really like is it doesn’t seem to lose much from session to session I still find myself putting it down after one light of the incense burner. This scent knocked me right off my rocker and honestly is a little too strong. It is just really intense and takes some getting used to that’s for sure. After more sessions it became a bit more pleasant but still I could see how someone could really not like this stuff especially an inexperienced person in aroma therapy.
Anyway on to Green Dream Light.  Packaging is exactly the same but in lighter shade. But anyway I open the bag and it is the same herbs that damiana looking stuff and very few chopped up stems in there. So enough staring at it time to aromatize my room! After placing a few pinches on my incense burner the scent fills the room and I really like this stuff as it is much lighter than the previous. It’s on the lighter side but in a more pleasant way where Green Dream is just through the roof craziness in my opinion. I would recommend this stuff to beginners but if you a regular trying to really unwind from a rough day this is perfect. As always with these products don’t use machinery or drive or any of that fun stuff for ATLEAST a half hour after it is burned through your incense burner.

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  1. rana

    nice and detailed review of different Herbal Incense, I love you site for that. I am newbie here so I guess I should go with Green Dream Light, right?

    1. Virgil

      I think you should go with Green Light Dream as you are new to legal highs. Please be careful with everything. My advise is to be with some experienced person when you try it.

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