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Skunk mrk IV review

skunk mrk iv herbal incense

Skunk consistently deliver a top quality product every time.Skunk Mrk IV is not different. This is incense that begs to be burned during the early morning hours of the day. I cannot stress enough how utterly invigorating this blend when one first wakes! One only has to supply a pinch to a clean incense burner to enjoy sustained burst of refreshing atmosphere.

It suggested that the rest of my day would be filled with good vibes and good feelings even if I was the only one feeling them.

My wife and I decided early on a Monday that we were going experience this incense in the best way possible. We dedicated all day Saturday to this purpose, and I invite you to do it too. When the morning came we awoke and together we lit our incense. The rest of the morning required only 1 relight to enjoy Skunk’s warm and caressing embrace. I believe this was because we treated this as an experience, and not simply just ANOTHER aromatherapy session.

Skunk Mrk IV exudes quality. The makers of Skunk imbibe every aspect of their presentation with pure professionalism. This requires that burners of this incense treat each aromatherapy session as if they are they the King, or Queens of their castle. This product is top-notch quality, and will not disappoint you. I have tried many strong incense blends, but nothing keeps me coming back like skunk… 9/10


  1. mike

    I’ve tried it. It’s awesome. but do not take it if you suffer from adverse heart condition.

  2. Anna

    Yeah, skunk mrk iv is strongest, smoothest and fruitiest blend out there.

  3. jjackson

    I love the Mrk4 but can’t seem to find it anymore. Can anyone point me in the right right direction to buy some?


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