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Happy Joker Herbal Incense Review

happy joker herbal incense

Happy Joker herbal incense is one of the newest blends on the market (available in Juicy Fruit and Blueberry). Salvia Online describes that it (Juicy Fruit) has a reminiscent aroma of the classic chewing gum flavor. Both variants are sold in 1g and 3g foil packs (*other vendors offer wholesale).

Now so much for that and letโ€™s proceed with Happy Joker herbal incense reviews. What are customers saying about it?

An interesting trip report we found was that of ‘mrcarey1’ at Legal Highs Forum, where he posted his experience with Happy Joker Blueberry. He started saying that it wasn’t the first time he had Joker herbal incense, but it was definitely the last. (But why is that?)

He warned others that if they were going to consume the herbal incense, they should only get a puff (maximum) because it was ‘lethal.’

He had three puffs from a pipe (the same device he uses with weed). Continuing, he said that he felt the effects almost in an instant, so he needed to sit down at once. He then shut his eyes closed and felt a floating sensation (instantly), although he noted the experience was quite nice.

He then hallucinated as if he was going through a tunnel and felt a popping sensation, making him think that a part of his brain was actually ‘popping.’ Then, he said that he could feel an internal bleeding, and it was horrible!

And then the next thing he knew was that he was throwing up in the toilet and got into a horrible comedown. A little later, he was back to normal, but he experienced headache (as intense as a migraine) that he could hardly open his eyes.

He slept for 13 hours and felt nauseous upon waking up.

‘Mrcarey1’ concluded (and warned) users that Happy Joker incense was a nice chem. in moderation, but he advised users to be careful with it; else, they will be fu****.

Photo Credit: Sensible Seeds


  1. Revon

    is there any good RC for relaxation??

    1. Joe

      I suggest you phenazepam

  2. Norton

    Etizolam is your best and safest bet.

    1. huges

      ya, this is my fav. after comedown

    2. butler

      exactly Norton, this is the most safe one out there.

  3. pan

    me and my friend decided to try Happy Joker with blueberry flavor on last week and it was f**king BEAST!!!! make your head sky high in no minutes.
    be careful of it.

  4. blaargh

    I tried it once with Juicy Fruit flavor of 1g pack, but it was to intense and awesome. But the headache was very high after comedown.

    1. benz00

      yeah product was good but the comedown effects are very high. any solution for that ??

  5. brenda

    After reading the reviews of other I think I should smoke it once. looking forward to it.

    1. komil22

      go for it, but make sure that it doesnt overdosed otherwise you will regret your decision.

      1. nina

        I already regretted it ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. trent

    take phenazepam or etizolam after comedown, it will help you to relax

    1. grace

      and also zopiclne, it is similar to above. try it once.

      1. andrew

        ya zopiclne is good, recommended by many people.

  7. rayn

    after taking Joker, you can feel like joker from dark knight ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. ricky

      hahah, nice one!

    2. alvina

      why so serious ?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. berdino

    its really very strong, trust me! take it very carefully.

  9. roy

    Can i know from where i can get packets from germany ?


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