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Jammin Joker review

Jammin Joker is one of my favorite for a daily blend smoke. I spent a lot of time to look for a blend I could function with and be productive with and jamming Joker fits my need perfectly.

It takes £19.99 for 3grams, which is really Steal of a price. Green, red, yellow and black colour vertical random strips give the packet a colourful look. The front of the bag is familiar looking Jammin Joker throwing a smile wearing black goggles. When you open the bag it makes you smile, it has the wonderful smell that you know you are going to be in for a good time. The smell is so unique that I can’t seem to place. The herbs cling to each other but it makes it easier to gauge your burning size when you pick up a pinch.

Jammin Joker lasts a nice time- 45-60 minutes. Don’t plan on driving, or doing anything that requires specialty to not hurt yourself (like frying bacon in the nude, etc) Plan on a wee bit of body relaxation, which is nicely complemented by listening to music. Jammin Joker is very much a fun incense to burn and think important thoughts; usually I keep a notebook around for those fleeting ideas of awesomeness!

Strength: 8/10

Aroma: 8/10

Overall: Continues to be a daily burner

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